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Frequently Asked Questions

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A Pap test looks for abnormal cells in the cervix that may lead to cancer of the cervix. The sample of cervical cells is sent to a lab, where it is examined under a microscope for signs of abnormal changes.

HPV stands for “human papillomavirus.” This common virus can cause genital warts and cervical cancer.

Certain “high-risk” types of HPV cause cervical cancer. For most women, HPV may not cause problems. For some women, HPV may cause abnormal cells on their cervix.   These abnormal cells can develop into cervical cancer if not detected and treated early.

HPV is spread through intimate (genital) skin-to-skin contact, usually during sexual intercourse. Your chance of getting HPV increases if you have more than one sexual partner. But you can get the virus from just one person. The virus can “hide” in your cervix for months or years before it causes abnormal cell changes. Therefore, you may not be able to know for certain when you got an HPV infection.

The HPV test looks for the virus that causes cervical cancer. The sample of cells is sent to a lab, where advanced molecular technology is used to detect high-risk types of HPV. The HPV test plus the Pap test lets you and your healthcare provider know if you are at risk for cervical cancer and need additional testing. 

There are two tests that can identify your cervical cancer risk: A Pap test and an HPV test. A sample of cells is collected from your cervix during your gynecology exam.

Your Mammography exam is performed by an MQSA qualified expert and ARRT registry certified mammography technologist. Your exam is then interpreted (read) by an MQSA qualified and board certified radiologist.

If no additional follow-up is needed, you will receive a letter in the mail from Atrium within 5 business days of your exam. Occasionally additional views are needed. If so, you will receive a telephone call from Atrium within 5 business days to notify you of the need to reschedule an appointment. All mammography views taken at Atrium are compared to previous exams done within the last year. If we do not have your previous exam films, the results of your reading may be delayed. Although we will make every effort to have previous films forwarded to our office, if we are unable to obtain these films you will be contacted. If you do not receive the results of your mammogram from us within 15 days, please call 330.649.4219.

Our providers recommend annual exams when your daughter is ready for birth control or has gynecological questions or concerns. Cervical screening, known commonly as a pap smear, should begin at age 21.

If you are pregnant, please call us and we will get you scheduled for an appointment. We will help you find a provider that meets your needs.

You will be having an ultrasound at your second obstetrical visit. An ultrasound will be performed at approximately 20 weeks to evaluate the baby’s anatomy.

A copayment is the flat fee determined by your insurance company that you pay each time you receive medical care.

Co-insurance is the percentage of your medical bills that you will have to pay, typically after you have paid your deductible.

A deductible is the amount you must reach before your insurance company starts paying for your care.

Atrium Ob/Gyn offers the option to rotate through our healthcare providers throughout your pregnancy. Although we are able to manage your obstetric care in the office during your pregnancy it is important to remember that our providers share on call coverage and we cannot guarantee a provider to deliver your baby.

We recommend calling your pharmacy first to ensure accurate and timely refills. If you are out of refills they can send a refill request to us. We do understand there are times you may need to call our office and leave a message for our medical staff.

We may ask you to verify your name, social security number and birth date during scheduling and during your office visit. This is for your safety to prevent errors in diagnosis and treatment. We are also complying with national patient safety goals by verifying this information.

To assure that every issue is documented in your medical record and you receive the fastest and most appropriate response, we have staff dedicated to taking your message personally and directing it accordingly.

We will have you speak with one of our phone nurses who will assess your situation and determine the most appropriate next step, whether that is an appointment, a referral, a prescription, etc.

We will need a Medical Records Release Form completed and either faxed, mailed or brought to the office. By law, we are required to provide your records within 30 days if they are stored onsite or within 60 days if they are stored offsite, however, typically we complete your requests sooner. If you are requesting your records be sent directly to another provider for collaborative care, there is no charge. If you are requesting a copy for any other purpose, there will be a charge. A Medical Records Release Form is not required for us to send your records to your primary care provider or a provider to whom we have referred you. If you have any questions, please contact our Medical Records Department.

We will need a Medical Records Release Form signed prior to completion and release of those forms. The forms will be completed in the order they are received and typically take 7-10 days. Please consider this turn-around time when turning in your forms.

Your insurance company processes claims based on your contract benefits and the best answer to this question will be answered by them.

Atrium Ob/Gyn, Inc. is a specialist practice. However, co-payments are determined by your insurance company.  

Atrium Patient Portal

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Safe Medications During Pregnancy

Many women wonder what medications are safe for them and their baby during pregnancy, so we have compiled a list of medications categorized by condition.








Adolescent Care

We Offer the Highest Quality of Care Possible

From the first stages of adolescence to the mother expecting her first child and beyond, we are there with the highest-quality care available. As a woman blossoms into adolescence, we help her address concerns about irregular and painful menstrual periods, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and family planning.

We provide counseling prior to conception to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Atrium also provides ultrasound services and counseling throughout pregnancy and after delivery, to help make childbirth and motherhood a pleasant experience.

As a woman moves through menopause, we remain committed to her emotional well-being, as well as her physical health. Our physicians take the time to answer questions and assist the maturing woman in continuing her healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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